Audit & Assurance Services

Audit & Assurance Services for the Technology Company, Startup, Small & Medium Business

Technology companies, Startup, and Small & Medium Businesses  have to keep pace with rapid technological advancements and changing business environments. They have to counter greater financial complexity and potential cyber threats.

Transparency of finance function in the Tech company, Startup, Small & Medium Business is essential to protect the interest of its stakeholders.  Companies have to provide their stakeholders with clear, accurate and trustworthy financial information.

Internal audit, Compliance audit & Management audit in Tech companies, Startup, Small & Medium Businesses have become increasingly complex and any issues of non-compliance detected can be heavily penalized, affecting the overall profitability of the organization.

This is where EaseUp can help. We will conduct a due diligence audit to evaluate your company’s financial performance. We will ensure that our strategies align with your business values to enable smarter decision-making capabilities.

We offer customized audit & assurance services to Technology company, Startup, and Small & Medium Business as we have in-depth insights on specific risks of major Industries.

Audit & Assurance services

Our Audit & Assurance Services

1. Compliance Audit

Timely conducting compliance audits can help in early detection of mistakes done by the compliance team. Thus save a lot of penalties and interest.

2. Management Audit

Management Audit helps the founders and management to understand that the financial statements of the company speak the correct & fair values of the business. This helps in managing greater corporate governance and boost external parties' confidence in the company.

3. Internal Audit

We assess the systems, methods and policies followed by the company's management in the administration and the use of resources, tactical and strategic planning, employee and organizational improvement.

4. Fixed Asset Audit

We help in fixed assets tagging and its in depth audit so that the physical assets are aligned with the financial statements and accounting records.

5. Other Audits

We conduct other required audits as specified under law.

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How are we different as an Auditor of Technology company, Startup, Small & Medium Business?

At EaseUp, we have a team of professionals who deal solely for technology companies, Startup, and Small & Medium Business. We work cohesively as a team to solve the complex and dynamic challenges companies face.

  1. We assist Companies with complex accounting matters such as revenue recognition, stock-based compensation, business combinations, and considerations related to adoption of new accounting standards.
  2. We’ve transformed the audit by using advanced analytics, cognitive tools, automation, control-based procedures.
  3. We assess all aspects of the company’s network applications, including software, programs, security, and communications.
  4. We Set a risk profile for your current and future projects and assess how they can have an impact on your business.
  5. We conduct an audit to assess your company’s ability to innovate compared to competitors and evaluate how well the company produces new products.
  6. We conduct an audit of the organizational structure of management of your company for information processing.
  7. We help in designing the best in class Standard Operating Procedures (SoPs) so that all the matters related to accounts, finance and payroll can be systematically aligned.

How EaseUp can Help?

  1. At EaseUp, we will assess the quality of information you use to make critical decisions, evaluate your company’s financial performance to build trust between you and your investors.
  2. We fully support our clients with extensive resources and technology sector expertise. We customize our audit procedures and work with you to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of the audit process.
  3. Expert professionals at EaseUp understand your areas of operation and identify major risk areas in your Technology company, Startup, and Small & Medium Business.
  4. We work closely with your company to comply with Accounting Standards, Standards on Auditing, Regulatory Compliances and other applicable provisions of the law
  5. We align our services by the stage of development of your company. Whether you’re an early-stage company, a mid-sized firm dealing with rapid growth, or a large company aiming to optimize your operations, EaseUp can help.

Our audit & assurance services are designed to help Technology company, Startup, Small & Medium Business keep pace with ever-changing compliance requirements.

We’ll help you assess and safeguard your company’s assets against potential risks.



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