Business Valuation Services

Business Valuation Services for the Technology Industry

Valuation of a Tech start-up or an established Tech company helps to identify the economic value of the company. If you’re looking to attract investment for your Tech business, establishing its value is a vital step. Business valuation helps investors and shareholders in taking a financially informed decision about the prospects of the venture. Valuation also helps to plan for taxation, mergers, acquisitions, sales, funding and more.

Valuing a tech company is a complex process due to the unique nature of the industry. Business valuation of technology businesses is tricky for a number of reasons. 


Tech companies experience periods of rapid growth, making it tricky to project profits with any certainty.


The business models used by technology companies can also make it difficult to establish how revenue might shift in the future.


Operating in a new or developing market also means that there’s little data on which to base projections of business growth.

Hence, you will need an objective valuation from an independent Valuation advisory firm.

Valuation experts at Ease up can help you in Company valuation as we are one of the leading providers of Business valuation services for Technology companies & Tech startups in India.

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Our Company Valuation Services

1. Valuation for Regulatory Compliances

Technology companies require valuation analysis for various regulatory and compliance purposes including Income Tax Act, Companies Act, 2013, etc. We help tech companies in assessing the fair value of their business for these regulatory compliances.

2. ESOP Valuation

We assist Tech companies in determining strike prices for employee stock option plans and also carry out the valuation of options as on the date on which the options were granted or on the subsequent periods for accounting & regulatory purposes.

3. Valuation for Merger & Acquisitions

We help tech companies in determining the fair value of their businesses and we also analyze targets for acquisitions. We also help them in various strategic decisions making including divestment, business restructuring, etc.

4. Intangible Asset Valuation

We help Tech companies in valuing intangible assets like patents, copyrights, trademarks etc

5. Purchase Price Allocation

We help Tech companies in Purchase price allocations for the fair value of assets (tangible/intangible) and liabilities that have been acquired consequence to a transaction. We also help Tech companies in understanding accounting impacts pre and post-deal execution.

6. Restructuring

We assist our clients in the restructuring of their Tech company by evaluating and analyzing their core and non-core assets and valuing the assets.

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How Business Valuation Can Help Your Tech Company Grow?

We will help you in:

1. Attracting Investors

Business valuation allows Tech companies to prove their worth, thus making it easier for them to secure funding.

2. Tracking Progress

Business valuation helps Tech companies to identify areas in which they may need greater focus or improvements in order to maximize potential growth.

3. Long term goals

Business valuation helps Tech companies in setting long term goals by getting a professional opinion on the overall financial performance of their business.

4. Deal Negotiation

Accurate assessment of your company’s worth provides benchmarks upon which important deals can be negotiated – whether it’s seeking further investment or merging with another company.

5. Stock Ownership

Business valuation helps Tech companies to manage stock ownership in the face of uncertainty. Ease up assist Tech startups in evaluating equities while raising capital.

6. Decision Making

Tech entrepreneurs need to know the company’s actual worth before making any decisions such as equity to be issued to the investor.

Why Choose our Business Valuation Services?

We provide the best Business valuation and advisory services for the diverse transaction and reporting needs to Tech startups, growth stage and well-established Tech companies, Private Equity and Venture Capitalists, Investment Bankers, and Other entities.

  1. At Ease Up, our team of expert professionals render services pertaining to all your business valuation needs as we  have detailed technical knowledge of value drivers and in-depth knowledge of Technology industry
  2. Our Chartered Accountants at Ease Up helps Tech Startups and established Tech companies in understanding the quantum of business stake to dilute or sell to gain the required amount of capital investment.
  3. Ease Up is accountable for the valuations done by them & provide full assistance to our clients in justifying the valuations  at the time of negotiation with prospective investors.
  4. We are the leading Business valuation consultants in India for Tech companies & Tech Startups from a financial, legal and regulatory perspective.
  5. Our Business valuation services also help the prospective investors to evaluate the targeted Tech Startups and SMEs.

Get  Business Valuation Services from Ease Up to ease the burden of starting up and raising capital. We have years of experience providing customized services to technology businesses.

Our Business Valuation Services will help you understand what makes your business unique and valuable.



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