Legal Advisory Services

Legal & Compliance Advisory Services for the Technology Industry

Technology companies established in India have to follow statutory compliances set by the government. These laws differ on national and state levels and non-compliance of these stipulated regulations lead to legal troubles like a penalty, fines, etc.

Technology companies have to face the challenge of bringing value to their business, while navigating the volume and pace of regulatory change to remain compliant. Hence, Tech Companies invest a lot of time and resources to ensure statutory compliance.

Ease Up can help you with all the statutory compliances of your Tech company. We provide the best-in-class legal advisory services to a reputable clientele of multinational and Indian tech companies, dynamic Tech start-ups.

We have a team of experienced legal & compliance professionals who can swiftly identify and deliver effective solutions for Technology companies & Tech startups. We create value for your Tech company by providing innovative solutions with the right strategy and technology.

We are passionate about helping Tech companies grow with the right legal & compliance advice at every stage for ensuring smooth functioning of your company.

Legal Advisory Services
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Our Legal Advisory Services

1. Corporate Law Advisory

Incorporation and Sale of ready companies
Changes in company’s legal status
Agreements governing the relationships between related parties
Technology transfers & licensing
Corporate governance and management rules
Technical assistance & service arrangements

2. Corporate Structuring

Corporate Structuring Strategy
Corporate Structuring Compliance

3. Intellectual Property Law

Contracts drafting and negotiation
Other Intangible property rights

Legal compliances required for a Tech Startup

The following compliances have to be followed by Tech Startup:

  1. Registration with startup India
  2. Company/LLP Registration
  3. Service agreement and Documentation
  4. Taxation laws
  5. Intellectual Property rules
  6. Term Sheet, Shareholders Agreements etc. at the time of fundraising

Expert Legal & Compliance professionals at Ease Up will help the Tech Startups to fulfill all required legal & compliance regulations.

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Laws applicable for Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A) transactions

Our Technology focused team at Ease Up gives advice on complex legal issues in M&A transactions. The Firm handles a full range of M&A transactions including:

  • Mergers & Amalgamations
  • Schemes of Arrangement, Reconstructions and Demergers
  • Acquisitions & Divestments – of shares, assets and businesses (private, public and listed entities)
  • Leveraged Buy-outs
  • Restructuring including Capital & Debt restructuring, reduction of capital ,buy-back of securities

How Ease up can Help?

  1. One stop solution for legal & compliance problems of Tech companies
  2. Specialized professionals at Ease up pay personal attention to each client.
  3. We take well informed business decisions by analyzing all the legal & compliance regulations applicable for your company.
  4. We endeavor to meet clients on regular intervals to understand the business environment of clients and provide them with the appropriate solutions.
  5. We have experience of providing integrated solution-oriented advice to technology companies and Tech startups.

Technology companies need legal advisory services more than ever to stay ahead of the curve in an ever-changing industry. Our team of legal & compliance experts can help you stay safe and compliant.

Don’t let legal problems threaten your technology company’s future – get expert legal advisory services from our team today!



Protect your business interests with legal & compliance advice from our team of experts.

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