Outsourced Accounting Services for Real Estate Tech Companies

In an industry revolutionizing the real estate market through technology, staying ahead of financial complexities is not just an option—it’s a necessity. Fusing real estate and technology creates unique economic challenges that demand specialized accounting solutions.

At EaseUp, we’re not just financial consultants but your strategic partners in navigating the intricate world of Real Estate Tech accounting. With our tailored financial services for startups, tech companies, and small to medium-sized enterprises, we help your Real Estate Tech company scale seamlessly, ensuring compliance, accuracy, and financial well-being.

What is Real Estate Tech Accounting?

Real Estate Tech Accounting is specialized financial management tailored for companies in the rapidly growing Real Estate Technology sector. This technical accounting involves:

Property Valuation Accounting

Correctly valuing properties in various stages of development or leasing.

Complex Transaction Handling

Managing complicated transactions common in real estate, such as lease modifications and asset acquisition.

Revenue Recognition

Accounting for diverse revenue streams from platform subscriptions to transaction fees.

Taxation Complexity

Navigating real estate-specific tax laws and benefits.

Capital Expenditure Accounting

Managing accounting around property purchases or improvements.

Regulatory Compliance

Ensuring financial reporting meets the ever-changing real estate and tech industry standards.

Importance of Real Estate Tech Accounting


Real Estate Tech operates under a unique set of regulations requiring specialized compliance procedures.


Accurate accounting practices are critical for securing investor trust.

Risk Management

Specialized accounting can identify and mitigate financial risks specific to the Real Estate Tech sector.

Financial Planning

Detailed financial data is essential for strategic planning and scaling.

Liquidity Management

Handling cash flows effectively to facilitate day-to-day operations.

Stakeholder Communication

Quality accounting enables clearer, more transparent communication with shareholders, board members, and financial institutions.

Services Provided by EaseUp for
Real Estate Tech Companies

Accounting Services

Comprehensive accounting solutions, including property valuation and capital expenditures.

Taxation & Compliance

Expert advice and services for multi-jurisdictional tax compliance.

Financial Advisory

Customized financial strategies for growth and risk management.

Business Valuation

Accurate assessments of your Real Estate Tech company’s market value.

Startup Funding

Financial guidance and assistance securing startup or expansion capital.

Financial Modelling

Advanced models for strategic planning and forecasting.

Virtual CFO Services

Executive-level financial management on demand.

Due Diligence

Risk assessment for mergers, acquisitions, or investments.

Challenges with Real Estate Tech Companies regarding
Accounting and Bookkeeping Functions

Valuation Variability

Rapidly changing property values make for a complex accounting landscape.

Multi-jurisdictional Tax Codes

Operating in multiple locations brings about various tax obligations.

Revenue Recognition

Complexity due to multiple revenue models like subscription, transaction-based, etc.

Capital Financing

Difficulty in maintaining accounting records for diverse financing methods.

Contractual Obligations

Leases, property management contracts, and vendor obligations require specialized accounting.

Cyber Security Risks

Managing financial data securely in an increasingly digital landscape.

Responsibilities of an Accounting Team in a
Real Estate Tech Company

Financial Record-Keeping

Accurate documentation of all financial transactions.

Budget Preparation and Monitoring

Developing and tracking budgets against actuals.

Cash Flow Analysis

Regular evaluation of company liquidity and working capital.

Audit Preparation

Compiling the necessary documentation and accounts for internal or external audits.

Compliance Checks

Ensuring all financial operations comply with current laws and regulations.

Financial Reporting

Periodic reporting to stakeholders includes financial statements and performance metrics.

Why Choose EaseUp for Your Real Estate Tech Company?

Specialized Expertise

A deep understanding of the Real Estate Tech industry.

Comprehensive Services

From basic bookkeeping to complex financial modeling.

Global Reach

Capabilities in handling multi-jurisdictional tax and compliance issues.


Financial services that grow with your business.


Advanced cybersecurity protocols to protect your financial data.

Client-Centric Approach

Custom solutions tailored to meet your specific needs.

Don’t let financial hurdles hinder your Real Estate Tech company’s growth—partner with EaseUp to secure your company’s financial future.

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