Startup Funding Services

Startup Funding Services for the Technology Industry

Startup valuation is the process of determining the valuation of the Startup based on its business plan. Startup valuation will allow the company to know exactly what it can exchange with the investor in return for capital for the company.

A Startup Valuation tells investors, venture capitalists and angel investors the Value of the business they would be investing in. Every Startup needs to have a Startup valuation certificate in order to attract funds from investors. A startup valuation Certificate can be issued only by Registered Valuer who is registered with IBBI.

If you want to value your business for a potential sale or investment, we can help you.

Startup Funding Services

We at EaseUp are experts in Start-up Valuation and Business valuation of Technology companies & Startups. We have a dedicated team of valuers who have more than 30 years of cumulative experience in startup funding services.

We have years of experience and expertise in helping startups value their business, through the best startup evaluation methods, thereby helping you determine the realistic and fair valuation of your venture.

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Why does a Startup and Tech Business need Valuation Services?

  1. Every Tech Business and startup needs valuation since it determines the share in the company that an entrepreneur must provide to an investor in exchange for the needed funding.
  2. Companies Act 2013 mandates that a startup must obtain Valuation Report from a Registered Valuer before issuing shares under private placement or on a Preferential Basis.
  3. Startup Valuation experts help with various compliances and financial reporting.
  1. Valuation experts analyze Tech startups’ capital structure and future earnings prospects.
  2. Startup valuation experts advance financial opinions on matters of litigation.
  3. Valuation professionals also help with exit strategy planning.
  4. Tech entrepreneurs who want to sell equity in their business, take credit, or even issue convertible debt to investors need an external estimation of how much their startup company’s worth.

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Startup Valuation Methods used by EaseUp

1. Self-evaluation Methods

Tech Startups must keep track of key Progress indicators(KPI) such as profit, popularity in the market, and customer satisfaction rate.

2. Market Multiple Method

This method allows the investors to directly get a valuation based on the peer companies which are listed in the market.

3. Discounted cash flow method

DCF Method involves determining the value of cash to return to the investor after a due course of time.

4. Venture capital method

Tech startups trying to raise funds uses this method to calculate the amount of return to the investor.

5. Book value method

This method involves determining the valuation of the startup by calculating the company’s net assets.

6. Risk Factor Summation method

This method involves 12 factors that determine the profit that a Tech startup will make like marketing risk, popularity risk, capital, and funds risk, etc.

7. Comparison Method

This method compares another similar startup value and prepares an estimated startup company valuation.

8. Berkus Method

This method considers the management of the startup, the services provided by the Tech startup, and the quality of the product.

Why EaseUp for Startup Company Valuation?

  1. Registered Valuation experts at EaseUp try to understand the company’s business model, growth potential, and reasons for the valuation.
  2. EaseUp have in-house experts with deep domain experience, who have mastered the art of startup valuation.
  3. We have built, reviewed, and analyzed hundreds of valuations used by tech startups for negotiating terms in funding rounds.
  4. We have assisted tech investors in understanding the target company’s potential value.
  5. We offer our services for startup acquisition valuation, early-stage startup valuation, pre-revenue startup valuation, etc
  6. We have gained unparalleled insight into the financials of the tech industry as we have years of experience developing financial models of tech companies.
  7. At EaseUp, we do the valuation of Tech startups by using the best startup valuation methods to ensure the highest levels of startup valuation accuracy.

Don’t fret over valuation headaches – Our specialists at EaseUp can help you solve them quickly and painlessly with our Startup funding  services.

If you’re considering raising money as a startup, our startup funding services can provide the unbiased data you need to make an informed decision.



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