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Tax Advisory Services for the Technology Company, Startup, Small & Medium Business

The Indian economy has flourished for the last few decades with the strong backing of Technology companies, Startups, and Small & Medium Businesses . Companies aim to secure their market position through disruptive innovation from startups to Fortune 500 companies.

As new technologies are adopted around the world, it has become increasingly important for companies to understand tax complications & business transformation impact of new tech products.

Tech company, Startup, and Small & Medium Businesses have to deal with regular tax compliance like GST, TDS, Advance Tax, Income Tax filings etc. along with the tax implications of Transfer pricing, Capitalization of Product and R&D expenses, Merger and acquisition activities while adopting new technologies and other tax filings.

The tax experts at EaseUp will work closely with your Company to advise relevant tax laws and regulations applicable to the Company. And our aim is to help you completing tax compliance in a timely fashion.

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Our Tax Advisory Services

SFT Filings

Transfer Pricing Analysis and Tax Structuring

Monthly & Quarterly Filing of GST & TDS filings

Corporate Structure & Tax Planning

Annual Tax Filings like Corporate Tax Returns, GST Annual Returns etc.

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Tax implications of Mergers & Acquisitions

Companies, in search of new ideas and strategic relationships, often indulge in major M&A activity to own emerging technologies and additional market share. Technology sector is highly innovative and subject to constant technological development.

Mergers and acquisitions have become popular in the Tech Company,Startup, Small & Medium Business due to globalization, liberalization, technological developments, and an intensely competitive business environment.

Provisions for tax allowances for mergers or de-mergers between two business entities are allocated under the Indian Income Tax Act.

Expert professionals at EaseUp will help you with the tax complications arising from M&A dealings of your Tech company, Startup, Small & Medium Business

EaseUp will help your Tech company, Startup, Small & Medium Business to keep pace with the growth and evolution of your company through all stages of the M&A lifecycle.

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Tax Issues due to Increased Globalization

  • Tech company, Startup, Small & Medium Business expand into international markets for increased opportunities for growth, diversification, and investment opportunities.
  • However, expansion also brings with it complex tax issues, from strategically managing transfer pricing, customs, and duty compliance to compliance with local laws in an ever-changing environment.
  • Transfer pricing is a crucial concept for companies as it is a way of managing prices between different countries. Transfer pricing is also a way of managing costs.
  • It is essential for Tech companies, Startup, Small & Medium Business to have a proper documented transfer pricing arrangement as Tax authorities across the globe have enhanced the level of scrutiny.

"Stay ahead of Tax laws and regulations with our dedicated Tax Services for the Technology Company, Startup, Small & Medium Business."

How EaseUp can Help?

  1. EaseUp is a leading provider of Tax advisory services to Technology companies, Startup, and Small & Medium Businesses 
  2. Our specialist team provides tax advisory services for:
  • Startups who are developing their ideas
  • Tech companies, Startup, Small & Medium Businesses that have raised money, developed their product and are in a high-growth phase
  • Companies that are in a mature phase and expanding worldwide.
  1. We combine industry knowledge with technical experience to provide insights that help companies deal with complex tax issues.
  2. It’s our priority to understand the vision of our clients and provide practical tax advice throughout their journey.

As your trusted advisor, EaseUp offers Tax advisory services for Tech companies, Startups, Small & Medium Businesses and also provides valuable suggestions on innovative strategies you need to grow your business.



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